Journey of learning’s

March 16, 2009

I was traveling to shirdi on 18 th Jan 2009 with my senior colleague.We board the bus from a place called Sion Naka,It is the place where you wouldn’t be able to stand due to the population explosion and the lively spirit’s of being Mumbaikar.We were waiting for the bus at a shop called Pappu travel’s Pvt Ltd.I still remember the sign board of the Pappu Travel’s which was saying “Aane wale Ko Salaam Aur Doston Jaane Wale Ko Bhi Salaam”

I entered into the shop to reconfirm the bus timing’s to ensure that this the same place which has been mentioned on the ticket slip of mine.I got the information that the bus will come with in a 20 minutes then I turned up and he said Sahaab” Ane wale Ko Salaam Aur Jane Wale Ko Bhi Salaam”,I asked him on a suspicious way what do you mean by this ?? He replied back to me with a very polite manner and said Sahaab,Aap Shirdi Jaa rahein ho!! Aur, Woh Baba ka Darbar hai Jahan Shardhha aur Shubri ka Dham hai!! I replied back to him that all this I know then what’s different you are saying??He said on a high pitch Sahaab,, don’t you think life is so uncertain and my belief is that I should say the first and last salaam to every passenger of mine cause my life and your life is so uncertain.So,God has given me an opportunity to say the first and last Salaam to the individual’s who are entering into the city first time and to those also with whom I will not meet again in my life,either he will not come to my shop again or between him and me, will not exist in this world….

Instantly,the conscious call of mine says he is right and precise.I said chacha you are so correct and clear cut about the aspects of life.He said on a grinning note,don’t be dishearten Sahaab cause life is uncertain and don’t need to worry,So sahaab “Aane wale Ko Salaam Aur Doston Jaane Wale Ko Bhi Salaam”.Immediately, my senior colleague who was with me and was listening the whole conversation of mine with that chacha -Pappu travel onwer, said Siddharth did you get his point ?? I said yes,I am very clear now and instantly, he asked me clear means ?? I said life is so uncertain,I don’t need to bother about the next moment of my life cause when I will leave this precious world I don’t know…But at least, I can enjoy the moment of my life and my colleague reiterated again on a laughter tone “Aane wale Ko Salaam Aur Doston Jaane Wale Ko Bhi Salaam” we both got entered in the bus.Coincidentally,Song from GoalMaal called “Ane wala Paal jane wala hai,Ho Sake tou iis mein Zindagi bita lo,pal jo yeh jane wala hai!!! We were pondering that the God is giving us certain indications about the meaningful life and the blissful lesson from this journey.

I am still saying and reiterating on a daily basis that quote which gives me a supreme level of confidence to live the every moment of life and thrash out the fear friend of my inner voice…

I must accentuate that “Aane wale Ko Salaam Aur Doston Jaane Wale Ko Bhi Salaam” for this valuable learning I didn’t pay and slog..

This is dedicated to the “CHACHA” – Pappu Travel’s Pvt. Ltd and to the 6.4 billion population of this world.